Monday, April 24, 2017

Family Trip to Iran

Family vacations can supply lifetime memories, so it is important to plan a trip which satisfies every member of the family. A perfect destination should offer entertainment options and activities to amuse travelers of all ages. Iran provides a family friendly environment to ensure that you and your family are having a good time. Hospitable people, a variety of food choices and hotels that can accommodate groups are some of the facilities provided by Iranian hosts. 
Children playing checkers in the train
Family trip to Iran

To be in a whole new geographical environment is a perfect practice for children to develop their social skills. To meet warmhearted people, visit monuments with their unique Persian architecture and the natural wonders of Iran are some valuable experiences. Here are some of other attractions in Iran which are quite exciting for children and teenagers:

Spending an afternoon in the Birds Garden of Isfahan with more than 5000 birds from 130 different species, will be an adventurous and fun activity. Visiting museums has always been entertaining for children which stimulates their curiosity about the past and opens their mind to the history; Tehran with various and numerous museums is a good choice to have this educational experience. Kalouts of Shadad Desert, sand dunes of Central Desert and the aged caravanserais make a different image of nature in children’s minds. To have more excitement you can enjoy spending time in Ocean Water Park in Kish Island. 

Iran luxury tour in style (15 days) arranged by Uppersia delivers an opportunity to have an unforgettable family vacation by providing comfortable rooms in well-located hotels, safe transportation to each destination and all meals for an affordable price.

Family visiting Eram Garden in Shiraz, Iran
Family trip to Iran

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