Thursday, April 6, 2017

Forough Boutique Hotel.

Walking through the old districts and alleys of Shiraz is a wonderful thing that can be experienced in this historical city. Narrow alleys, cozy beautiful houses with stunning ornaments and the locals, who seem to prefer keeping their old simple lifestyle until today, are what take you back to old days of Shiraz.

The small blue pond in Forough Boutique Hotel
Fourough Boutique Hotel. Shiraz-Iran

Being hidden in the maze of “Sang e Siah” quarter (one of the oldest districts of Shiraz), the stylish and tranquil “Forough Boutique Hotel” is a great accommodation you can choose while you stay in Shiraz. Forough is a beautifully restored mansion full of antique objects and details taken from old Persian architecture with lovely terraces and 18 cozy, well-designed rooms.
The terrace and the tile works of Forough Boutique Hotel.
Fourough Boutique Hotel. Shiraz-Iran

The small blue pond in the courtyard and the colorful tile works are what I love the most about this hotel. The combination of sharp pink, yellow and blue tiles with elegant floral motifs and how they are laid out on the brickworks resemble the glorious monuments of Shiraz from Zandiyeh dynasty.

The guests sitting in the courtyard of Forough Boutique Hotel.
Fourough Boutique Hotel. Shiraz-Iran

This hotel is located just beside the wonderful Forough ol Molk Museum also known as Meshkinfaam Art Museum. This is also only a 10 minute walk from the mesmerizing Shah Cheragh Shrine and 15 minute walk from Bazar Vakil and Karimkhan Castle.

Contact Uppersia and complete your Shiraz pack by reserving a room in the heart of original old Shiraz if you are looking for a good accommodation in the city.

Old alleys of Shiraz.
Old Alleys of Shiraz.


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