Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Iran live trip by Uppersia.

Iran Live Trip of Uppersia is a complete tour through the central and eastern cities of Iran. This tour offers a good combination of sightseeing in the central cities and adventurous desert trekking through the wonderful deserts of eastern Iran.

This tour starts in the capital of Iran, the beautiful city of Tehran. Discover the Qajarid monuments, the great museums of Tehran and enjoy the beautiful urban landscapes of this city in the night.

In Shiraz, you will get astonished by the colorful mosques and the lovely monuments of Vakil complex related to 250 years ago and the remains of the glorious Persepolis (Takht- e Jamshid), which is being inscribed as a world heritage site.

Travalers visiting Nasir ol Molk Mosque of Shiraz.
Nasir ol Molk Mosque in Shiraz
Then you will move toward Kerman, in the east of Iran.  Get yourself ready for the magic of Shahdad desert, its endless sky and the beauty of its Kalouts, being created by the hand of wind and time! Shazdeh Garden, Rayen Castle and the historical bazaar of Kerman are other attractions you will discover in this old city.

Zeinoddin Desert, located near the sunny and ancient city of Yazd is the second desert you will wander through during this tour and night stay in Zeinoddin Caravanserai will create you a wonderful experience.

I know you have waited to visit Isfahan from the first day of this tour. This city offers you a deep explore through old Persia during Safavid times. Walk through Naqsh e Jahan Square and discover the beauties of this Safavid gem, which is registered by the UNESCO. The breathtaking Vank cathedral and the old Armenian district of Jolfa, located in the heart of Persian- Islamic Isfahan are other wonderful must-see places in this city. 
The last city visited in this tour would be Kashan, the city of Persian traditional houses and the heavenly Fin Garden.

Iran Live Trip of uppersia is operated during 14 days and includes tour guide, entrance fees and transports.

Travelers visiting Persepolis. Iran
Travelers Visiting Persepolis.

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