Sunday, April 23, 2017

Biking in Iran

You might think travelling to Iran is limited to visiting historical monuments and mosques but there is a lot of exciting and adventurous activities which you can enjoy while in Iran. one of the most popular activities is biking which will be so special due to fantastic countryside of Iran.

The inviting biking routes of Iran offer the nature lovers the opportunity to have an insider’s perspective of the scenic landscapes, from mountains to deserts, forests and villages. You will connect to the people and places along the way and have interactions with the new environment. Contemplate the unique diversity of natural beauty and cultural interests watching spectacular landscapes along the road.

Biker on the road, Iran
Biking in Iran
Where can I bike in Iran? 

Variety of the routes has made it possible for travelers to choose between several options and that’s the reason biking is so fun and exciting in Iran. Some of these routes are: biking in forest, the route from Shahroud to Gorgan through Abr Forest, biking in desert in the magical Maranjab Desert, mountain biking in the heart of mountains in western Iran and biking in southern islands like Qeshm or Kish where you can feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. 

Is it safe for me to bike in Iran?

Recently, biking tours have become so common in Iran and the Iranian police has provided complete safety for bikers on the roads. Even solo female travelers bike on the roads safely. So you can enjoy having an active trip and a dream vacation.

When is the best time for biking in Iran?

The best time for biking in Iran is spring time due to its beautiful and temperate climate specially in April which is the peak month with the most amazing weather.

Biking in the deserts of Iran
Biking in Iran

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