Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dashtestan, a good winter destination in Bushehr.

Located in Bushehr province in the south of Iran, with hot summers and mild and beautiful winters, Dashtestan remains unseen by many. Yet there are quietly spectacular things to see here. The remains of an ancient castle related to Cyrus and a city named Touz, dating back to Sassanid era and the long Dalaki River, passing through this area, indicate that Dashtestan has been a winter residence in ancient Iran. There are some other historical monuments remaining in this area, including:

 Goor Dokhtar (The girl’s tomb) which is similar to the Pasargad (Cyrus’s glorious tomb) and believed to be the tomb of Cyrus’s sister or daughter.
The achaemenid monument in Dashtestan, named Goor Dokhtar.

Some mounds, like Tal- e Mar, Tal- e Pahn and Tal- e Jowhari are located around the towns of Dashtestan and ancient objects from Achaemnid, Parthian, Sassanid and even Elimate era have been discovered in these historical areas.

The remains of Ardeshir castle which was built during Sassanid era and a giant caravanserai named Moshir, which was constructed during Qajar dynasty, are other historical monuments in Dashtestan and the suburban towns, available for visit.

The tropical climate of Dashtestan, the stunning palm groves, where a large amount of date is harvested every year, the hot springs and the warm-hearted people make Dashtestan a really good destination during winter and autumn days while the weather is just pleasant. Enjoy the beauties of Dashtestan and other cities of Bushehr, in Bushehr day tours of Uppersia.

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