Thursday, November 17, 2016

The red pomegranates of Arsanjan.

Fars province is in the southwest of Iran and it has a mild climate with a fabulous nature, including mountains, steppe forests and different wildlife refuges. Arsanjan is one of the cities of Fars province with a spectacular nature, surrounded by mountains with springs and different vegetation like baneh (wild pistachio), wild almond, oak and etc. The Green Pearl which is a tree grown on a piece of rock is a natural wonder around Arsanjan.

The Green Pearl in Arsanjan. 
Arsanjan is known for its vast gardens and red pomegranates, known as the fruit of heaven and the Eden Garden. The beauty of this fruit with crown and its red seeds, which are as shiny and red as ruby stones, have been adored by the Persian poets.

Every year during October and November, a large amount of pomegranate is harvested in Arsanjan and a festival named “Jashn- e Anar”, is held in the pomegranate gardens. Rob-e Anar, which is a dark and sour sauce made out of the Pomegranate juice and used in cooking, is the best souvenir of Arsanjan.

Making Rob-e Anar out of pomegranate juice.
There is a mysterious and unknown ancient monument around Arsanjan, called "Ghadamgah" or "Chasht Khor". This is a porch, carved on the southern side of Rahmat Mount. Persepolis is located on the other side of Rahmat Mount and this is an evidence that Ghadamgah is related to Achaemenid era. Some niches have been carved in the walls of this porch and archaeologists believe that these niches were used for placing the bodies. Some other believe that this porch is an unfinished monument made by Darius lll to be used as his glorious tomb. According to the word Chasht, which means breakfast, this has been a place where the armies used to stop to have their breakfast or other meals on the journeys.

Baghe golha (flower garden) is a beautiful ecolodge in Arsanjan and it is only 40 kilometers away from Persepolis and Pasargad. The rooms of this ecolodge are constructed in the middle of a beautiful pomegranate garden.  Staying in this ecolodge offers visitors diverse and enriching experiences. There is also a big diversity of activities that visitors can enjoy, like helping in harvesting the pomegranates, spending time exploring historic places, trekking nearby mountains and etc. Ask Uppersia to include Arsanjan and its wonderful attractions in your Shiraz day tour

The Ghadamgah, near Arsanjan.

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