Thursday, November 10, 2016

What to eat in south of Iran?

The cuisines of southern cities of Iran, like Bushehr and Bandar Abbas with warm climates are known as the most delicious and popular Iranian cuisines. The local people are known to be so hospitable, generous and alive. The cuisines of southern cities of Iran are similar to Indian and Arabian dishes because of being cooked with lots of spice, curries and different kinds of peppers. Don’t worry! They are not that spicy to cause you run all around the city!

Bushehr and Bandar Abbas are located by the Persian Gulf, fishing has been a thriving job for the southern people and accordingly seafood is so popular in these cities. It is said that at noon the appetizing smell of spicy seafood is spread all over the houses!

Ghalieh Mahi:
Ghalieh (fish stew) is at the top of southern cuisines! There might be different recipes for cooking Ghalieh Mahi but the main ingredients are fresh chopped vegetables, including cilantro, fenugreek and lots of onion, garlic and spice. The key ingredient that makes the Ghalieh Mahi tasty and sour is the tamarind sauce. The fish used in Ghalieh Mahi should be firm with no tiny bones. Ghalieh is sometimes cooked with prawns and it is called Ghalieh Meygoo. This tasty cuisine is usually served with steamed Persian rice.

Soboor fish:
It is another kind of seafood which is barbequed in an oven or over burning charcoal. Soboor fish is usually served in family gatherings and it is cooked by professional moms and dads.

Dal Adas:
This stew is a good choice for vegetarians and it provides lots of protein to the body. It is made with a kind of lentil, garlic, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and tamarind sauce. Dal Adas is served with pickle and fresh vegetables.

Sambooseh (Samosa):
Sambooseh is a great junk food which is available in every corner of the southern cities. This is the mixture of potatoes, ground meat and vegetables, wrapped in thin bread and fried in hot oil. Spicy tomato sauce is the inseparable mate of Sambooseh!

You can learn how these great southern dishes are cooked during our culinary tours and be a professional Ghalieh Mahi and Soboor cooker yourself!

Dal Adas (lentil soup).
Sambooseh (Samosa).

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