Sunday, November 13, 2016

How much currency can you take to Iran?

According to the recent decision of the Central Cank of Iran, the allowed currency in cash that each traveler can take to Iran is ten thousand US Dollars (or the same amount in other currencies). Before this, each traveler was allowed to take 5000 US Dollars to Iran.

The amounts of currency exceeding ten thousand US Dollars should be declared to the customs administrations of the international airports of Iran upon arrival and then the extra sum will be deposited at the Melli Bank of Iran at that airport. The travelers will be granted a bank receipt including a code and this extra sum can be taken back at their departure. According to the new rules, the services of depositing the exceeding cash is going to be rendered in 14 main custom ports where Melli bank counters are available.

Controlling the high amounts of currency entering each country is a common method of preventing money laundering.

Tourists are allowed to take 10,000 dollars to Iran.

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