Saturday, November 12, 2016

How is the train service in Iran?

Train is a good choice for traveling in Iran for many reasons:

Traveling by train is more pocket-friendly than traveling by plane, so you can save more money while you travel in Iran. For example, the Tehran-Shiraz train ticket is more than 50% cheaper than the plane ticket for the same route.

Trains are more energy-efficient than planes and cars. The carbon emissions of trains are less damaging to the environment and the train emissions do not harm the upper atmosphere.

Traveling by trains is less stressful. You don’t have to arrive two hours earlier and wait in long security lines. In addition, you can take more baggage and you have a more comfortable seat and more legroom. In overnight train travels, you can enjoy taking rest on berths in your compartment.

Traveling by train is more than just transportation. For example, on Tehran-Mazandaran train which goes through stunning northern nature or on Kerman-Tehran train passing through a long route with lots of desert villages and towns, you can learn about the geography and the culture of different towns, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and make new Iranian friends who share the same compartment with you.

Different kinds of standard trains are available for daily transportation between the cities of Iran, like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman and Mashhad, leading to easier and more enjoyable tours in Iran. Sabz train, 5star train, Simorq train and Polour train, which all provide good transportation services, are the best trains of Iran that you can choose for moving between the cities of Iran and Uppersia travel is available for rendering train booking services.

Iran train (Tehran-Mazandaran).

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