Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Garmeh village, in the heart of Iran.

Garmeh is a stunning desert village with dry and warm climate at the center of Iran, in Khur o Biabanak town of Isfahan province. This historical village has been on the route of the ancient Silk Road and the old narrow alleys and the houses and mosques with nice adobe arches and domes have got a lot of stories to tell. One of the oldest monuments of Garmeh is a 4 story citadel dating back to Sassanid era.

Garmeh village.

There is a pond in Garmeh, surrounded by vast palm groves. The water of the hot springs around Garmeh are known as a cure for backache and sore feet. The stunning barrens around Garmeh with sand dunes and camels strolling in the horizon is a scenic and unforgettable landscape. The sky is fabulous in the night. The clean air with no light pollution causes a clear sky with millions of crystal stars.

The local people of this historical village speak in Pahlavi dialect which has been an ancient Persian language and many poets and educated people have grown up here during centuries due to the cultural interactions because of being located on the way of the Silk Road.

A historical house in Garmeh has been restored and converted into a very nice ecolodge (Ateshooni ecolodge) by the grandson of the landlord and the family members host this cozy ecolodge and cook delicious cuisines themselves.

Visit the different desert villages of central Iran like Mesr, Bayazeh and Garmeh with their unique rural architecture, walk through the sand dunes, explore the weird salt lake and stay in ecolodges and meet the local people of the desert in Irancentral desert tour of Uppersia.

The palm groves of Garmeh village.

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