Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The story of the first flight over Iran.

10 years after the invention of airplane by Wright brothers, on the 4th of January 1914 (during Qajar dynasty) the first airplane flew over Iran. Mr. Kuzminski, who was a Polish pilot assembled the separated parts of an airplane in Russia and transferred it to Iran through the Caspian Sea. This airplane was ready for a demonstration flight in Tehran and on the due day many of the people of Tehran bought expensive tickets to watch the first airplane flying over their city. Ahmad Shah, the Qajar king and the courtiers were also invited to this show. The airplane had a short flight and the people were amazed but this wasn’t without a trouble. The pilot couldn’t find a suitable area for landing so he landed in the middle of the Mashq Square perforce! Mashq Square was a vast area for military maneuvers and training of the army during Qajar dynasty. It is said that the airplane had a crash with a giant cannon in the middle of the Mashq square but the pilot wasn't injured. The airplane remained in the Mashq square for weeks and the king and his deputies took a photograph with that. The people also came to see the metal bird closely.

Ahmad shah and his deputies taking a photo with the first airplane in Tehran.

Today Mashq square which in now changed into Bagh Meli (the National Garden) is counted as a valuable heritage from Qajar dynasty and it is changed into a touristic area. The historical monuments around are now used as Post Museum, Iran’s National Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Jewelry Museum and etc.

During the Uppersia day tour in Tehran, you will know more about the history of Mashq square and you will be amazed by the great architecture of Iran in Qajar dynasty.

Mashq Square in Tehran.

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