Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How is the train trip between Tehran and Isfahan?

Tehran and Isfahan, both located in the central Iran, are known as important touristic cities of the country. Tehran, which has been the capital of Iran since Qajar dynasty, is visited by many tourists because of its fabulous Qajarid and Pahlavi monuments, like Golestan and Saad-Abad palace, Mashq Square, Iran National Museum or the contemporary city attractions like the Nature Bridge, art galleries and the modern cinematheques. On the other hand, Isfahan hosts thousands of travelers every year because of its Safavid masterpieces like Naqshe- e Jahan Square, which is inscribed by the UNESCO, the historical bridges over Zayandeh-Rud River and the stunning handicrafts produced in the traditional workshops.

The distance between Tehran and Isfahan is 451 kilometers and train is one of the best choices for commuting between these two cities. Traveling by train is pocket-friendly and safe. On the overnight train between Tehran and Isfahan you can take a rest on comfortable berths in your compartment and on the day train you can enjoy the attractive desert landscapes.

Different trains with 6 or 4 seats in each compartment are available for traveling between Tehran and Isfahan almost every day and night. This train trip is about 7 hours and a fast train system is going to be set up between these two cities to reduce this time to 3 hours. Uppersia train booking section is ready to find and book your intended train tickets between the cities of Iran anytime you asked for it.

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