Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The scenic village of Palangan.

Palangan is a historical village, hiding in a valley of western heights of Iran, between Kermanshah and Kurdistan province. Palangan is very cold in winter with lots of rain and snow but the weather is so cool and fresh during spring and summer and the mountainous nature is just stunning.

Palangan is one of the 10 villages of Iran with the unique stair architecture, including interconnected houses because of being built into a valley. The houses are built with stones and mud bricks and the roof of one house is the courtyard of the upper one. A long river named Tangivar passes through the valley and divides the village into two parts connected by bridges. 

The people of Palangan are Kurds. The Kurdish men and women are known as diligent, hospitable and brave people. Due to the cool weather and plenty of water in Palangan, many of the local people are busy with farming trout fishes. They also use the wool of their sheep for creating stunning pieces of handicrafts like kilims, rugs and a kind of handmade shoe named Giveh.

Ask Uppersia to arrange you a Sanandaj day tour or Kermanshah day tour, including Palangan village, explore the picturesque mountains of Palangan, meet the Kurdish shepherds grazing their sheep through the pastures covered in patches of green grass and invite yourself to a delicious fish kebab in the rural restaurants by the rivers.

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