Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Golestan National Park in Iran.

Golestan National Park is a vast and unique wildlife refuge between Golestan province and Khorasan in the northeast of Iran. This national park is more than 91,000 hectares in area with 1350 flora and 302 fauna species and it has been registered as a rich biosphere by the UNESCO.

Golestan National Park in Iran.

The rich fauna of Golestan National Park includes different mammals, like the Persian lopard, brown bear, wild boar, Persian gazelles, wild cat and pine martens and different birds like pheasant, partridge, owl, woodpecker, quail and etc. Because of the height difference in Golestan National Park (between 2411 to 450 meters), different kinds of vegetation including steppes and forests are available. Diverse trees and bushes, like alder, fern, maple, blackberry and etc. are available in the forests of Golestan National Park.
This forest is so stunning and the weather is fresh due to the dense forests and the mild humidity. Many believe that the best time for camping and trekking in the safe areas of this forest heaven is during autumn. The long-standing trees colored in different shades of red, yellow, and orange, the high waterfalls and springs are so scenic and walking through the forest, listening to the birds and photographing the beautiful landscapes in Golestan National Park is a great choice for having a nature tour during autumn and winter in Iran.

The gazelles of Golestan Natioal Park.

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