Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Roads of Iran.

Hitting the roads is the favorite kind of transportation for many of us due to the pleasure of listening to our favorite music, and enjoying the landscapes of the roads. We can also take our time and stop at any lounge we like.

Road trip with private cars is a common kind of traveling in Iran as well. Many standard roads (more than 200,000 kilometers), including highways and freeways, have been constructed to connect different touristic cities of Iran, like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz in the center, Yazd and Kerman in the east, Bandar Abbas and Ahvaz in the south and Tabriz, Kermanshah and Rasht and in the west and north of Iran.
There are also many rural roads connecting us to the unique attractions in the faraway villages and towns. These freeways and highways have made tours of Iran much more pleasant and faster and the Traffic police of Iran provides the safety on the roads.

Car rental is one of the services that Uppersia provides for the tourists so you can be sure to have a safe and easy travel with reliable drivers on the beautiful desert roads, mountain roads and beach roads of Iran.

A road trip to the towers of Silence in Yazd.

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