Monday, November 14, 2016

Along the Silk Road in Iran.

The Silk Road or the Silk Route was an ancient network of roads for trading and cultural interactions between east and west, stretching from China, India, Persia and Arabia through the Mediterranean Sea and even Africa. The Silk Road was the road of peace and interaction and it caused the development of financial, political and cultural relations for 1700 years.

Iran has been on the way of the Silk Road and this road passed through old cities of Iran, like Tous and Sabzevar in Khorasan, Rey and Damghan in the center and Qazvin, Tabriz, Hamedan and Kermanshah in the west of Iran. Trading on the route of the Silk Road was so thriving during Sassanid era. The merchants used to export precious Persian carpets, gemstones and textiles and import silk, tea, condiment and etc. into ancient Iran. During the Safavid dynasty, the silk trade between china, Iran and European countries was booming. So, Shah Abbas asked the architectures to construct many Caravanserais along the Silk Road.

Today, no caravan make long journeys through the Silk Road on the camels and horses and trading is different from the ancient days, but many of the caravanserais are still alive and they are restored and converted into beautiful hotels. Persian caravanserais tour and Iran on Silk Road tour of Uppersia take you back to the days of trading and traveling along the Silk Road. Enjoy the eternal beauty of Iran deserts and imagine the stories of the Silk Road merchants in these adobe caravanserais.

A historical caravansary on the Silk Road.

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