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What is awaiting you in the mythical and historical city of Bishapur?

Being constructed during Sassanid emperor, the mythical and historical city of Bishapur in Kazerun town of Fars province is one of the most glorious heritages of the ancient Iran. Bishapur was the capital of Shapour the Sassanid King, who fought against Romans for three times. The two-hour route between Shiraz and Bishapour is a magically beautiful road passing through valleys, very high rock mountains and then vast plains covered with wild almond trees and evergreen palm groves.

Bishapur is a 200 hectares ancient city with remains of palaces and rooms made with stones and mortar which is a Sassanid invention. Small domes and curved arcs, known as the gifts from Sassanid era to Iranian architecture, are widely seen in the area.
Stone made walls and arcs of Bishapur city in Iran.
Stone walls and arcs of Bishapur.

I believe that the most fabulous part of Bishapour is the Temple of Anahita, known as the holy goddess of water for Zoroastrians and this temple had been built for praising and praying for Anahita. Going down a narrow stairway, which I like to name “Stairways to the Goddess of Water”, you will be in a square area surrounded by high stone walls, four arches and narrow corridors, showing the skills and intelligence of Sassanid architecture masters. That’s true! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Every visitor will imagine how the rituals and ceremonies for the holy Anahita were held and how the spiritual atmosphere was like?

The stone made Temple of Anahita in Bishapur city.
The stairways down to the Temple of Anahita in Bishapur.

The stone made Temple of Anahita in Bishapur city.
Inside the Temple of Anahtia.
The memorial monument of Bishapur which had been a place for offering and maybe sacrificing for the king and Anahita, is another spot in Bishapur, worthy to be visited. This memorial monument consists of two 9 meter columns with Parthian and Sassanid inscriptions.

The two high columns in Bishapur, known as the memorial monuments.
The two high columns in Bishapur, known as the memorial monuments.
Just beside the city of Bishapur, on the other side of the road, there are some Sassanid bass relieves, known as Tang- e Chogan. These awesome ancient documents tell stories about victories and coronations of Sassanid kings and also the fact that how they respected the holy Ahura Mazda.

one of the Tang- e Chogan bass relieves showing the coronation of the king. (Bishapur- Iran)
A bass relief in Tang- e Chogan of Bishapur.

The best time for visiting Kazerun and its wonderful monuments is during February, March, April and May. The weather is so mild and nature around is amazing for a one day trip back to Sassanid era in Iran! Uppersia will be pleased to arrange you a day tour to the great Bishapur.

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