Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why the great Bam citadel should be visited?

Bam citadel (Arg- e Bam) or better to say the ancient city of Bam, in the southeast of Kerman province, was home to Iranians for more than 20 centuries! The origins of Bam citadel can be traced back to Achaemenid period and even beyond. Bam citadel has been located at the crossroad of ancient Silk Road and that’s why it has been restored for many times during centuries and was home to the people of Bam until 150 years ago when they left the castle for an unknown reason and built new houses in the palm groves around.

The beautiful Bam Citadel in Kerman province. This is known as the biggest adobe monument of the world.
Great Bam citadel.
The most wonderful monument in the Bam citadel is the governor’s 5 story mansion, which is proudly standing on a high rock with beautiful towers and high walls. Fortified residential houses and other elements of an old Persian city, including stunning mosques, bazaars, narrow alleys and cisterns are arranged around this grand mansion and the whole complex is surrounded by great walls and towers. All the monuments, alleys and walls of Bam Castle (about 180,000 square meters) are constructed with adobes and this makes Bam citadel the biggest adobe monument in the whole world. Bam and its cultural landscape, including palm groves and old Qanats were registered by the UNESCO as an in danger world heritage.

This valuable universal heritage was silent for about 10-12 years after the earthquake in December 2003, but today many buildings of Bam citadel, like the Jew’s house, the Jaame mosque, three fences around the citadel and many more parts have been restored and the visitors have vitalized this ancient heritage once again. The good news is that in response to the visitors’ enthusiast for visiting the governor’s quarter, this stunning monument is going to be restored in 2 or 3 months. Too soon, tourists are going to be able to observe the historical landscapes and stunning palm groves of Bam from the top of this memorable monument with its deep secrets and stories from past centuries. 

In Bam day tours you will walk through the old alleys and houses of Bam citadel, meet the very hospitable people of this city and touch their unexplored culture.

Bam citadel of Kerman is getting restored.
Bam citadel is getting restored.


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