Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Falak ol Aflak castle, high as sky!

The giant Falak ol Aflak castle, also known as the 12 tower castle, is one of the most impressive ancient buildings in Iran. Falak ol Aflak means “the sky of the skies” and some archaeologists believe that the 12 towers (8 of them are still available) are related to the 12 astrological signs! This castle has been constructed during Sassanid era and located on a high hill in Khoram Abad city of Lorestan province in the west of Iran. According to its strategic location, this castle has been used as king’s resident and military garrison during centuries.

Falak ol Aflak is a perfect architectural sample for studying and exploring medieval Iranian castles. It is about 5300 square meters in area with very high walls reaching 23 meters and 8 great towers. The whole castle is constructed with adobes, bricks, stones and mortar.

The archaeology museum of Falak ol Aflak is located in the castle and numerous ancient objects are kept there. An old Iranian bath and a water well are other parts that visitors explore inside the castle. Visiting Khoram Abad with cool climate, ancient buildings and marvelous nature makes a very good trip in spring. Check out here for more information about this unknown destination in the west of Iran.

The ancient stone and brick made Falak ol Aflak castle located on a hill.
Falak ol Aflak castle on a high hill.

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