Monday, January 2, 2017

Three trending tours of Uppersia in 2017.

Being known as the home to ancient civilizations and their valuable heritages, Iran is still the world’s hidden gem with diverse culture, hospitable people, and countless architectural masterworks from different eras and also jaw-dropping natural attractions from sky-reaching mountains to endless magical deserts. Iran achieved an increase in tourism and was introduced as one of the 16 best destinations in the world in 2016. The main touristic cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd with many stunning attractions hosted many travelers as the trending destinations in Iran.

As a result, tours of Uppersia including the mentioned cities are attracting more and more travelers. These are the three trending tours of Uppersia for 2017.


Take this tour and enjoy exploring the historical gems in the most touristic cities of Iran. Discover the eye-catching treasury of Iran’s jewelry in Tehran and travel back to 2500 years ago and more in Persepolis and Necropolis near Shiraz. Then travel to Kerman and spend hours in the unbelievably beautiful Desert of Shadad with its weird sand hills. Meet the Zoroastrians and visit the old Qantas of Yazd.

Necropolis near Shriraz.


Join us on Caravanserais tour and spend some nights in the wonderful caravanserais, castles and houses in the heart of dazzling deserts of Iran, like Zeinoddin, Mesr and Shahdad. You will also visit the Safavid monuments of Isfahan and also Persepolis and Necropolis in Shiraz.

Shadad Desert of Kerman.


This tour gives you the chance to visit the stunning sites, learn about Persian culture and history on a guided tour with private cars and top services in best hotels of each city you visit. Visiting the weird Shahdad Desert in Kerman, learning about Persian architecture during Islamic era in the Jaame mosque of Isfahan, visiting the Zoroastrians living in the beautiful city of Yazd and exploring the glorious remains of Persepolis are the highlights of Iran tour in style.

All the tours can be operated as either group or individual tours. These tours are flexible and can be adjusted to your preference.

The stunning Jaame mosque of Isfahan.

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