Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Receiving Iran Visa on Arrival in Urmia Airport.

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Urmia Airport in West Azerbaijan province has been recently added to the list of Iranian airports, issuing Visa on Arrival to the travelers.  An e-visa office is also inaugurated in this airport and as a result the travelers can easily receive their Iran Visa on Arrival in less than 5 minutes. So far, the airports in 6 cities of Iran, including Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran (IKA and Mehr-Abad AirPort), Tabriz, Isfahan and Urmia are available for granting Visa on Arrival services.

Citizens of more than 180 countries are eligible to travel to Iran by receiving Visa on Arrivals (the duration of stay is different for each nationality). 10 countries, including The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Jordan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are not allowed to receive Visa on Arrival. The citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia can travel to Iran without receiving any visa.

By providing such facilities, the officials of Iran hope to make traveling to Iran easier and safer. For learning more about receiving Iran visa you can check out IranVisa Services on our website.

Travelers walking through a historical bazaar in Iran.
Traveling in Iran

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