Monday, January 30, 2017

Sadeh; the Zoroastrian festival of fire and light.

Sadeh festival is one of the ancient Iranian rituals that have been kept alive for millenniums and centuries. Sadeh, known as the festival of fire, warmth and light, is held on January 29th, 50 days before Nowruz (Persian New Year). On the day of Sadeh festival, the Zoroastrian people make a huge bonfire near their fire temple and worship God for granting them valuable fire that warms and brightens their hearts, lands and homes.

A very large fire surrounded by Zorostrians in Sadeh festival in Iran.
The large bonfire of Sadeh festival surrounded by the Zoroastrians. 

Sadeh is also related to a mythical story of how Hushang (the legendary Iranian king) learned to make a fire for the first time. Once Hushang was climbing a mountain he saw a snake. He threw a stone toward the snake to defend himself but the stone hit another one and since they were both flint stones, they sparkled and a fire was started! Hushang announced that this light is sent from God and should be considered as a holy gift!

Sadeh is still held in cities like Kerman and Yazd which are home to a big population of Zoroastrians. Zoroastrians are very decent people, deeply believing in purity and sanctity of the Classical Elements and the whole nature. Sadeh festival, which is held every year in the middle of winter, is an evidence to their spiritual beliefs and attitude.

The Zoroastrians making fire for the Sadeh Festival in Iran.
The Zoroastrians making fire for the Sadeh Festival in Kerman.

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