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The ancient and mythical "Pir Shalyar" ritual in Oraman.

The historical village of Oraman.

Passing through the defiles and the roads hidden between the high mountains and madly beautiful landscapes of Kurdistan region in the west of Iran, which is a wild and untouched land, you will reach the ancient village of Oraman with its unique architecture. Being located at 1450 meter altitude with a pleasant and mountainous climate, the whole village is constructed on the sides of a narrow valley with over a 50° slope. Oraman is a very good sample of the villages with organic architecture and showing the connection between human and the nature. The residents of this village are busy with agriculture, animal husbandry and producing handicrafts, like rugs, kilims and a kind of shoe named “Giveh”. Their folklore music, fictions and oral literature have a special place in their society.
Oraman village is where the thousand-year-old ritual of “Pir Shalyar” is held every year. This fantastic and ancient ceremony is held twice a year in February and May.

What exactly is the Pir Shalyar ritual?

According to the folk fictions told by the locals, a great man named “Pir Shalyar” lived in this area and was known as the savior of the patients. He helped all the poor people and cured many of the people in this region. One of his biggest marvels was curing “Shah Bahar”, the daughter of Bukhara's king, who was deaf and mute and all the other physicians failed to help her. The King of Bukhara arranged a very big ceremony and announced that “Pir Shalyar” is the one man who can marry his daughter. This spiritual ritual is known to be the anniversary of  Pir Shalyar's wedding.

On the day of Pir Shalyar ceremony, all the residents of Oraman gather in a garden and perform a fabulous Daf  that tickles every visitor’s soul. Daf is a percussion musical instrument that is so popular among the Kurd people. This music is so strong that entices the locals to start a special and symbolic Kurdish dance. They dance, pray and revive the memory of all the goodness and beneficence done by Pir Shalyar.

All the residents take part in preparing the ingredients, cooking and serving Ash (Iranian soup) and a special kind of bread.  Every year, despite the cold weather, rain and snow, many people from all over the world come to Oraman village on February 2 and 3 to be a part of this deep and original ceremony. Join Day tours of Uppersia in the weird land of Kurdistan and enjoy the magnificent Pir Shalyar ritual which is going to be held in about a week.

Kurd people dancing in Pir Shalyar ceremony.
Kurd people dancing in Pir Shalyar ceremony.

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