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The historical Birjand Castle.

The historical city of Birjand is laid in the heart of magnificent Lut Desert in the eastern lands of Iran. According to the remains of Zoroastrian fire temples and cemeteries, Birjand has been an important residence in desert since Sassanid era. This city has been an important area during Islamic dynasties, too. Birjand has been introduced as a town with numerous Qanats and castles in historical travel books.
endless sand dunes of Lut Desert in iran.
Sand dunes of Lut Desert.
Birjand Castle:

Birjand Castle is the largest historical monument of the city dating back to Safavid dynasty. Birjand castle, made of adobes, had been the center of the old city and was used as a refugee for the local people during Safavid and Qajar dynasty when the Turkmen and Uzbek invaders attacked their land. Some underground tunnels connected the castle to other parts of the city and a water mill and a granary were embedded inside the castle. The seven towers surrounding this castle were used for scouting around the city and providing safety of the people and the city.

Forg Castle:

Forg is another historical castle in the east of Birjand. This castle which is constructed with bricks and stones has been constructed during Afshari dynasty and is located over a mountain.

Chahkandok Castle, Afzal Abad Castle and Noferest Castle are other historical castles around Birjand. Each one has its own architectural design and exclusivity that makes them worthy to visit for the enthusiasts of Persian history, architecture and culture.

The towers and arcs of Birjand castle.
The historical Birjand Castle.

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