Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The respectable Gando Crocodiles of Chabahar!

One of the unique attractions of Sistan o Baluchistan province and heavenly beautiful Chabahar Port is the Iranian crocodile! These are very rare crocodile and believe it or not so kind, harmless and shy! These flat muzzle crocodiles, about 4-5 meters long with very strong tail and feet are called Gando by the locals. Gandos hunt fish, turtles and waterfowls for food.

A man holding a baby Gando crocodile in Chabahar.
Baby Gando crocodile in Chabahar.

Where exactly do Gandos live?

The main habitat of Gandos is a wide area in the rivers and lagoons of Bahoukalat in Chabahar Port, laid by the Oman Sea. This area is called the Gando refugee and 300 to 400 of these crocodiles are available here.

Gandos and the locals.

The beautiful thing is the peaceful coexistence between the Gandos and the local people of Chabahar. The local people consider Gandos as holy creatures, directly connected to holy water! They believe that once Gandos are extinct, a drought will conquer their lands. So the people provide water and food for them and refuse to hunt them in spite of the fact that they have a very precious skin and meat. These hard to catch Gandos sometimes like to drop in the locals’ houses especially after torrential rains, but the people don’t hurt them and wait until they leave the house!

When is the best time for visiting the Gandos?

Chabahar Port in the southeast of Iran with fabulous natural attractions, mild weather and rich culture has changed into a trending destination in recent years. February and March are the best time for an adventurous travel to Chabahar because the weather is so fresh and mild, the attractions and the hotels are not crowded and most importantly it is the time of Gandos’ oviposition and you might see a cute baby Gando right after her birth! Ask Uppersia for a special winter tour in Chabahar wonderland! 

Big Gando Crocodiles laying by the water.
Gando crocodiles of Chabahar,

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