Thursday, January 5, 2017

Exploring the history by climbing up to Babak Fort.

Babak Fort in Kaleybar town, in  East Azerbaijan province has been strongly standing on the top of a 2300 meter high peak, since Sassanid era. This castle is the token of Babak Khoramdin, a loyal Iranian commander who fought against the Arab invaders. For centuries, Babak Fort has offered the breathtaking scenery of a stone castle on the top of a madly beautiful rock and tempted every visitor to explore it.

Babak Fort in East Azerbaijan province.

The route up to the castle is a kind of adventure itself. It is about 3 kilometers from Kaleybar to the castle and you should climb a difficult yet stunning path and a very long stairway to reach the fort. Before the entrance gate, a narrow corridor as wide as one person should be passed. The historians believe that this was the reason that the whole castle was impenetrable. Passing the corridor, the glory and the greatness of the towers summons you! The castle constructed skillfully with stones and Sarooj (an Iranian water-resistant mortar), is built in two and three stories and the main hall has seven rooms. The arcs on the water cisterns beside the hall remind the original Sassanid architecture style.

Babak Fort on the top of a high peak in Arasbaran forests with a cool, foggy and of course mysterious atmosphere is one of the places in Iran which is in contrast to your expectations from this country’s climate. Ask Uppersia to put Babak Fort on the list of the places you will visit during your tours in Northwest of Iran, like Iran North by Northwest and Tabriz day tour.

Babak Fort in East Azerbaijan province.

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