Saturday, January 14, 2017

The mysterious village of Javaher Deh.

If you are a fan of rural tourism and looking for a unique village with an untouched culture and astonishing natural landscapes, Javaher Deh is a fantastic destination. The historical Javaher Deh, near the beautiful city of Ramsar is located on Alborz heights at the altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level.
cozy huts in Javaher Deh, in north of Iran.
Cozy huts in Javaher Deh.
The mysterious Javaher Deh is hidden in fog and clouds. This cozy village is home to hospitable people who are busy with animal husbandry, agriculture and making wonderful handicrafts like felt rugs and colorful knitted socks and shawls. There are also many souvenir shops selling honey, popular garlic pickles, hazelnuts and many more natural products of Javaher Deh. Hiking the mountains around Javaher Deh, exploring the waterfalls and feeding your eyesight with eternal beauty of the area is what the magical nature around Javaher Deh offers you!

In my opinion, the magical route to Javaher Deh is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. It is a stunning mountain pass, going through dense forests. There are many local restaurants located by the road, serving well brewed tea, local cuisines and different kebabs. Don’t forget to taste Kabab Torsh (Sour Kebab) if you stopped at one of these nice restaurants!

Javaher Deh and the magical road leading to it have stunning faces to offer during four seasons of the year, but according to the freezing winter and falls up on Alborz heights, the best time to visit this village is in April, May, late September and first days of October. Ask Uppersia to arrange you an excursion or overnight tour in beloved Javaher Deh.

The mountainous village of Javaher Deh in the north of iran.
Javaher Deh on Alborz heights.

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