Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The National Botanical Garden of Iran.

The National Botanical Garden of Iran located 20 minutes out of Tehran, is one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world. This wonderful garden was opened in 1968 and its main pattern is based on Persian garden style, including a square at the center with four paths reaching to it.

3000 plant species from different regions and climates of Iran and world, like Alborz and Zagros mountain range, Europe, Americas, Himalia and Japan are available in the National Botanical Garden of Iran. The botanical garden is also considered as the reserve of endangered plants and medical herbs.

Rock gardens, small lakes and waterfalls surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes are the most beautiful parts of this botanical garden. The best time for visiting the national garden is in April when all the trees are freshly green and the flowers are young and colorful, although autumn offers a magical beauty and winter gives a stunning and surreal face to the garden.

The National Botanical Garden of Iran with its peaceful atmosphere and thousands of plant species is a great place for nature lovers and botanists. You can spend a memorable morning in this garden in Tehran day tours of Uppersia.

a lake and beautiful trees of national botanical garden in autumn.
National Botanical Garden of Iran in autumn.

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