Monday, November 28, 2022

Jame Mosque of Ardabil


Jame Mosque of Ardabil:

This mosque refers to the Seljuk period and is located near a fire temple. The previous mosque building belonged to the fire temple and included mosque courtyard, chamber and magnificent arches which are destroyed in the Mongols invasion and just a part of that survived.

This mosque is the surviving part of a great and unique mosque formed in different Islamic eras particularly in Seljuk time and it was usable to the early Safavid period .The fact that from what date this mosque is contracted over pre -Islamic buildings is not clear, but the studies done by the Iranian council of excavations shows this mosque was built in the early centuries of Islam.

The mosque was much broader and larger in Seljuk and Ilkhanid periods compared to the current cubic building and the present monument is merely domes and chamber. The single cylindrical brick minaret is of Seljuk monuments. Over time, the parts of the building have been partially destroyed to the extent which is seen today.


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