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Things to Do in Ian


Things to do in Iran

Iran has an amazingly rich and varied history, visible in the supreme Islamic architecture of Isfahan and Shiraz, the ancient Achaemanid capital of Pasargadae and the splendid bas-reliefs of the Palace of Persepolis.

Once you meet Iranians, you get that it is a very different place than the Iran you know from the news. Read ahead for the best things to do in Iran, along with some insider tips that will make your trip a real eye-opener


Wander bazars

Bazaars are the beating heart of every city in Iran. A visit to the Grand Bazaar in Tehran is bound to overwhelm your senses with the smell of spices, sights of colourful Persian carpets, and friendly smiles. Iranian bazaars are more than a place to shop for souvenirs; each one is uniquely designed with mosques, tea houses, bathhouses and traditional restaurants where you can spend a good couple of hours.


Try Persian dishes

To experience the flavourful and aromatic food of Iran, make your way to traditional Iranian restaurants or better yet, Persian homes. The culinary delights of Persian food are endless, elevated by coveted ingredients including saffron and pistachios which are native to Iran


Walk through the history of Persepolis

A trip to Iran is not complete without a visit to Persepolis, which is only an hour drive from Shiraz. The First Persian Empire was once one of the most powerful empires in history, and its capital, Persepolis, remains as a symbol of its glory today. 


Visit Yazd city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The desert city of Yazd in central Iran is an UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a rather unique experience compared to other cities. Here, be prepared to get lost in the charming mud-brick old town, learn about Zoroastrianism in the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, and go rooftop hopping for some unforgettable views.

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