Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Sangak Bread

 Not only is Iranian cuisine well-known all around the world, but also our unique and tasty bread. Iranian bread has a unique and intricate history, evolving over time to become an essential part of the Iranian diet. There are different types of bread in the Persian cuisine: Sangak, Barbarai, Lavash, and Taftoon breads. Sangak is an oblong Iranian flat bread, traditionally cooked on small gravel stones or pebbles in an open oven, hence the aptness of the name. The stones are also responsible for the indents on the surface of the bread. When the process is over and the bread is taken out, it is served to customer still hot and aromatic.  In Iran bread is a must with every meal and is served sliced beside each individual plate. Kenneth, our American guest, stopped by a bakery while he was strolling over Shiraz passages. 


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