Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shah cheraq Holy Shrine in Shirz

 If you plan on travelling around Iran, it's not hard to visit many of the Shiraz’ top sites during your journey. Shiraz takes pride in being a cultural capital of Iran .It is home to some captivating ancient monuments, religious places, historical attractions, fabulous gardens and yummiest places to eat. The graves of the two saint poets, hafiz and Saadi, and the holy Shah-e-Cheragh shrine, the son of the 7th Shiite Imam, make Shiraz a pilgrimage site for Iranians. The burial place of Mir Ahmad son of Musa and brother of Imam Reza, Known as Shah Cheragh, is the 8th saint in Shiite Islam. The monument has been discovered in 11th century and a shrine was built over it afterwards. The shrine was repaired during Safavid dynasty once but the major repairs was after destructive earthquakes in Qajar period. Visiting the shrine gives you serene and peaceful feeling. The multicolored reflections from mirror tiles inside the tomb is spectacular. Around the yard, several rooms with brilliant tiled works can be seen. Pillars and its flat roofs’ of shrine are made up of the exquisite wood and inlaid works .Also there are a valuable museum and library  inside a shrine. You don't need to have faith to be drawn to this shrine.


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