Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Solo Traveling in Iran

 Solo travel is on the rise, and thanks to recent development inglobal awareness, it’s easier than ever. More and more travellersare hitting the road alone, ready to learn about the world and themselves. 

If you're planning on solo travelling to Iran but are unsure how to travel, below is a summary including what to do there.


Iran is a destination like no other. From the hustle and bustle of Tehran, to the stunning desert landscape of central cities offers Iranian nights, desert safaris and sleeping under the stars in camps.


Iran attracts solos with an interest in history and culture. Being part an important part of the ancient Silk Road makes it one of the best countries to visit in the Middle East for history. Iranians are incredibly friendly and are some of the most hospitable people you will encounter. You’ll receive so many dinner invitations, you won’t know which ones to choose.


Iran is a country where you feel very welcomed and safe, but it can be uncommon for women to travel alone here, so expect curious locals. Because it is An Islamic country, wear a scarf to keep covered and blend in. 


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