Tuesday, February 28, 2017

48 hours in Shiraz.

Let me tell you how awesome Shiraz really is. Shiraz is a historical, clean, fun, welcoming and friendly city. The food is great and the prices are fine. Make sure to reserve your accommodation in downtown, because most of the monuments are located there so you can save money and time. In spring, Shiraz changes into a fragrant and colorful heaven with a mild pleasant weather. So May to April and first days of June are the best times for exploring this city.

Day 1

Most of the visitors prefer heading to Persepolis, Pasargadae and Necropolis on the first day. Anyway, these three heritage sites are the main reason of coming to Iran for many travelers! Because of being located 100 kilometers away from Shiraz, a visit to these three sites might take long until the afternoon so we suggest you to start your excursion early in the morning.


Stroll in the ancient remains of this Achaemenid city dating back to 515 B.C., you will not like to leave this UNESCO heritage site before exploring every inch of the wonderful reliefs, high columns, mythical statues and the glorious palaces.

Columns and statues of Persepolis.


The mysterious rock reliefs of Necropolis are 12 kilometers away from Persepolis. These rock reliefs are the tombs of Achaemenid and Sassanid kings which are cut off into the rocks at a considerable height.

The rock reliefs of Necropolis.


Tomb of Cyrus, the great Achaemenid king, is a glorious UNESCO heritage site, 84 kilometers away from Persepolis. This small tomb is a unique monument. This area is also known to be the first Achaemenid capital.

The Pasargadae tomb

Hafiz and Saadi tomb

In the afternoon when you are back to Shiraz you still have time for visiting Hafiz and Saadi tomb. Hafiz and Saadi are world-known Persian Poets who lived in Shiraz during 8th and 7th century (Hijri Qamari). Their tombs are architectural masterpieces constructed during Pahlavi dynasty and both are designed considering the philosophy and the deep meaning behind their poems.
Hafiz tomb in Shiraz
Hafiz tomb

Day 2

Nasir ol Molk mosque

Start your day a little bit sooner in order not to miss the perfect magic of colors and sunshine. Nasir ol Molk mosque also known as the pink mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran in terms of construction and ornaments. Early in the morning the daylight shines through the stained glasses and creates a magically beautiful atmosphere.

Stained glasses of Nasir ol molk mosque in Shiraz.
Nasir ol molk mosque

Vakil complex

Mornings are the best time for visiting Zandiyeh complex of Shiraz, including Vakil hammam, the enlivening Vakil Bazar and vakil Mosque. Don’t forget exploring Arg- e Karim Khan and treating yourself with delicious Iranian ice-cream sold in this district.

Carpet sellers in Bazar Vakil
Vakil Bazar

Gardens of Shiraz

In the Afternoon before the sunset, visit the historical gardens of Shiraz, like Eram, Delgosha and Afif Abad. In the spring you can smell the sweet aroma of the orange blossoms of these gardens from miles away!

A two day or a longer stay in the beautiful city of Shiraz is included in almost all of the tours of Uppersia. Check some of them, like Iran photography tour, Iran Salam trip, Iran culinary tour and Shiraz Day tours to see which one you would like to join this spring.

Eram Garden in Shiraz
Eram Garden

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