Monday, February 20, 2017

Meet Shah Abbas in Maranjab Desert!

Located near Kashan city of Isfahan province, in the heart of central Iran, the amazing Maranjab Desert is the storyteller of ancient journeys when the Silk Road slowly passed through Iran and connected east to west. The restless sand dunes of Maranjab have hosted merchants, camels, caravans and passengers for centuries.

Maranjab Castle

This desert hides glorious heritages of Shah Abbas in itself. Shah Abbas, the powerful Safavid king is known for constructing numerous castles in Iran. 350 years ago when Uzbeks and Afghans invaded Iran, he constructed a big military castle in the Maranjab Desert and employed soldiers to scout the vast desert and provide safety for the merchants during their journey through this endless desert. This castle, a masterpiece of Safavid architecture, is located beside an ancient Qanat and is 3500 square meters in area.

The rooms and arcs of Maranjab Csatle.
Maranjab Castle.

Maranjab Salt Lake

The Salt Lake of Maranjab Desert is its magical spot! During the rainy season it is a shallow and vast lake which reflects the image of the bright sky and during the dry season it shows the weird artwork of salt sediment. The whole area is covered with natural polygonal salt formations shining in silver. Looking at the horizon, you will see a low mountain which is lost in a mirage and it seems like this mountain is floating over this vague land. That is why this mountain is called the Wanderer Island!

Polygonal Salt formations in Maranjab Desert.
Polygonal Salt formations in Maranjab Desert.

Visiting Maranjab Desert

April and May are the best months for traveling to Maranjab. In a sunny day start a long walk through this barren land, fly your vision upon the red dunes and save the silence in your mind! In the afternoon enjoy the vivid sunset and gaze at the sky while millions of stars wink at you! Be Shah Abbas’s guest for the night and sleep in one of the rooms of the historical Maranjab Castle which is now converted into a beautiful caravanserai!

Sand dunes of Maranjab Desert.
Sand dunes of Maranjab Desert.


  1. Interesting, i do believe that a perfect iran tours could include some of the lesser known and hidden gems to make it an experience of lifetime.

    1. Yes, that is right. Iran has many unexplored attractions that have the capability of becoming a brand in tourism.