Saturday, February 11, 2017

5 amazing villages you must visit in Iran.

When it comes to villages of Iran, diversity is on another level. According to the different climates in Iran, many villages with their very own landscapes and architectures styles are laid in every corner of this vast country. 5 of these uncovered villages are going to be introduced in the following:

1 Masuleh

In the heights of Alborz Mountain rangein the north of Iran, nestles a lovely Village called Masuleh. Hidden in the middle of foggy forests, Masuleh is a charming place with its adorable local architecture. The courtyard of one house is the roof of the house below. The nice thing about Masuleh is that no motor vehicle is allowed to enter the village and ruin the peaceful mood. Take a walk in the local Bazar of Masuleh, meet the locals selling handicrafts and fresh vegetables and sip a cup of fragrant tea in a warm cozy tea-house.

Masuleh village in the middle of forests in the north of Iran.
Masuleh village in the north of Iran.

2 Ghalat

Listed as one of the most beautiful villages of Fars province, Ghalat, which is only an hour drive from Shiraz, is a unique attraction with its beautiful stone made houses, old ruins, high mountains and waterfalls, cozy cafes and hospitable locals. This village is a popular hangout for the nature lovers, artists and young people of this area.

the ruins of the old houses in Ghalat village in Iran.
Ghalat village in the southwest of Iran.

3 Palangan

As winter comes, the first blankets of snow change Palangan village of Kermanshah into a scenic village. Palangan is located in the middle of wild mountains of western Iran, where the culture and traditions are remained untouched. The houses are perched on the two side of a valley and a roaring river. Don’t forget to offer yourself a great fish kebab in the local restaurants of Palangan.
A local woman in the Palangan village in Kermanshah province of Iran.
Palangan village in the west of Iran.

4 Meymand

This weird and ancient village located in Shahr- e Babak town of Kerman province is registered as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The houses in Meymand village are thousand-year-old caves, dug by the men to shelter from the wild nature. Spending a night in one of these small caves gives you the unforgettable experience of how people used to live thousands of years ago.
The hand dug caves in Meymand village of Kerman province.
Meymand village in the east of Iran.

5 Abyaneh

Being located in the Natanz county of Isfahan province, the picturesque Abyaneh is one of the oldest villages in Iran with many ancient monuments, including fire temples, mosques and castles. Abyaneh is known for its wonderful houses made of reddish soil, lovely cobblestoned alleys and hospitable locals wearing beautiful traditional clothes.

A local woman in an alley in Abyaneh village.
Abyaneh village in the center of Iran.

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