Sunday, February 19, 2017

What to wear as a female traveler in Iran?

As you might have heard before, women in Iran, including foreigners, are required to cover their hair, arms, shoulders and thighs in public places and this is the issue that might be a little confusing for the female travelers before traveling to this country. But NO! Sure you don’t have to wear Burqa (veil) and you don’t have to cover all your body with long black chadors!

A female traveler and her family in Iran.  (Isfahan)
Travelers in Iran. (Isfahan)

Unlike many other countries, Hijab regulations are not very restricting in Iran and Iranian woman can wear comfortable and colorful outfits. It is interesting to know that Iranian women have their own unique style and fashion in designing and setting out their scarves and manteaus. Today, there are many professional fashion designers in Iran who are busy with designing beautiful textiles and manteaus inspired by ancient Iranian clothes and motifs.

As I mentioned, you don’t have to worry about what to wear in public while you are traveling in Iran. Checking other blogs written by the female travelers who have experienced wearing hijab in Iran will assure you that this is not a big deal.

Bring scarves that are wide and long enough to cover your hair and neck. The best choice is a cotton scarf that doesn’t slip off your head, while a silk scarf might seem a little hard to control. For covering your arms, shoulders and thigh you don’t always have to wear Iranian manteaus and the cardigans and tunics that you have in your closet are just fine! Your pants have to be long but they don’t have to be baggy and loose. Skinny jeans are fine to wear. You can also wear sandals and wear any color of nail polish you like.

As the scarfs are light and don’t take much place in your luggage, bring different colors of them and experience how Iranian women and girls have fun matching the color of their scarfs, manteaus and nail polishes! After your trip to Iran, you might think to yourself that it wasn’t difficult and was even an interesting experience to wear hijab and to struggle with Iranian outfit for a couple of days! Let us know about your experiences regarding wearing scarves in our country!

A female traveler in Iran.
Travelers in Iran.

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