Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are you curious about the Salt Men of Iran?

Being hidden and mummified in the heart of a salt mine for 1700 years, the Salt men of Iran are counted as the weirdest things you can see in Iran.

In 1993, the miners of Chehrabad salt mine around Zanjan in the northwest of Iran discovered an ancient body mummified in salt with long hair and beard, a single gold earring, iron knives, a piece of rope and a leather boot. Ten years later in 2004, another miner found the second Salt man in Chehrabad mine. This time, some ropes and tools were discovered around the salt man. The mining project was canceled and a long-term scientific and excavation project was started in the salt mine. Six Saltmen are uncovered in this mine, so far. The fourth Saltman is the least rusted one and is related to a 16-year-old boy.

Discovering these six Saltmen and the objects around them has led to valuable information about the clothes, tools and even physical conditions of the ancient men in Iran. According to the results of C14 dating, the Saltmen lived during Achaemenid, Sassanid and Parthian dynasties and were accidentally killed by the collapse of the mine. The first Saltman discovered is now kept in National Museum of Iran located in Tehran and the rest of them are kept in Zolfaghari mansion known as the “Salt men Museum” in historical city of Zanjan.

The ancient salt man with long white hair in national museum of Iran.
Salt man of Iran.


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