Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What do you know about the Blue Mosque of Tabriz?

Blue Mosque, called Masjid- e Kabud in Persian, is one of the oldest mosques of Iran located in Tabriz, in the northwest of the country. This mosque was constructed in 1465 when the Kara Kuyunlus ruled this region. This mosque has been a part of Muzafariyeh complex including a school, library, mosque and monastery.

Tile works and brick works of Tabriz blue mosque.
Tabriz Blue Mosque.
This monument was collapsed after an intense earthquake in 1727 and many parts were ruined, but what today blows every visitor's mind is the tile work with intricate floral and arabesque motifs glazed in stunning ultramarine and turquoise blue. It is said that 25 years have been spent on covering the brick walls of the mosque with the tiles! The title “Turquoise of the Islamic world” really fits this venerable monument.

Tile works of Tabriz Lue moque.
Wonderful tilework of Tabriz Blue mosque.
Many parts of the blue mosque have been rebuilt. One of the amazing parts of the blue mosque is the ceiling which shows the stunning composition of gold and azure. There are two marble tombstones in the chamber of the mosque related to Jahanshah and his wife. The tombstones are made of marble stone and ornamented with great arabesque motifs and calligraphies.

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Brick works of Tabriz Blue mosque.
Tabriz Blue Mosque.

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