Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The wild and bold Caracals of Iran.

Caracal is one of the rare species of wild cats of Iran, including Panther, Caracal, Cheetah, Sand cat, Pallas’s cat and Jungle cat. This charming and clever cat is known by its hairy black ears, wild eyes and long arms and legs. According to Shah Name (the great poem book of legendary Persian stories), caracals were trained to hunt for ancient Iranian kings.

A young Caracal laying in the deserts of Iran
A young Caracal in desert.

Caracal cats usually live in hyper-arid deserts with very low rainfall in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. In Iran, Caracals live in semi-desert lands of Kerman, Yazd, Sistan and Khorasan, although they are found in mountainous lands, too. But this wild and bold cat has learned to meet the challenge of surviving in such iconic habitats.

Iranian Caracal’s diet includes a great verity of preys in of different sizes from hares and rats to small birds and snakes. It is interesting to know that caracal is capable of hunting preys with heavier and bigger bodies than her own! Caracal is a solitary and nocturnal creature which hunts in the midnight and joins its partner only in mating season during winter. Join Uppersia in adventure tours and get amazed at the rich wildlife of Iran.

A wild Caracal in a plain in Iran.
Caracals of Iran.

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