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6 wonderful things waiting for you in Khuzestan.

If you ask a local to choose the best place for traveling in Iran during winter, the wonderful land of Khuzestan would be one of the choices for sure. Khuzestan is one of the most historical areas in Iran, where ancient civilizations chose as their territory. Many amazing things are awaiting you in Khuzestan:

1 Choqazanbil

Dating back to Elimate era, Choqazanbil temple was built for praising Inshushinak, the Elimate god about 1250 B.C. This fabulous monument was a 5 story 105 *105 meters square made with bricks. Cuneiform scripts are recognizable on some of the bricks. Today 2 stories of this very first UNESCO world heritage site of Iran are still remaining.

Remains of Choqazanbil brick monument.
Choqazanbil in Khuzestan.

2 Shushtar

The ancient hydraulic system of Shushtar is the masterpieces of Iranians designed and built during Achaemenid dynasty. Khuzestan is known as the land of lush rivers and the Iranian engineers invented these water mills and tunnels to lead the water into the city of Shushtar. These watermills which are inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site, are still functioning after thousands of years ago.

Ancient watermills of Shushtar in Khuzestan.
Watermills of Shushtar.

3 Susa

The city of Susa, known as one of the most ancient cities of the world, the capital of Elimate and Achaemenid emperors for centuries and also an important educational center in the Islamic world is located in the northwest of Khuzestan province and has many mysterious ancient remains for history lovers. Tomb of Daniel the prophet with its unique dome is one of the most popular attractions of Susa.

The conis dome of Danial shrine in Susa.
Danial holy shrine.

4 street food

Fish, prawns and spices are the inseparable ingredients of the tasty cuisines of Khuzestan. You will have lots of Ghalie Mahi (fish and vegetable stew) in the restaurants of Khuzestan but you should take more time for street foods of Ahvaz. Spend an afternoon in the fun Lashkar Abad district of Ahvaz which is a long street with numerous small shops serving street foods, meet the extremely hospitable and warm-hearted locals and taste some chilly Samosa (a small snack wrapped in bread and fried in oil) and Felafel (deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas). By the way, don’t forget to have a cup of high caffeine Arabian coffee which is served by peddlers.

A man selling street food in Ahvaz.
Street food in Ahvaz.

5 Bridges of Ahvaz

Ahvaz is the city of nightlife and fun! Karun River, passing all along the city is really loved by the locals and the parks beside the river are crowded hangouts where you can get acquainted with the lifestyle of southern Iranians. Nine bridges are constructed over Karun River during times and give a lovely face to the city especially during the night.

A bridge over Karun River in Ahvaz.
Bridges of Ahvaz.

6 The mild weather

In the winter, while northern and western cities of Iran are spending cold and sometimes freezing days, Khuzestan offers its wonderful and mild springy weather. This is the best time to hit the roads to the glorious attractions all around the province and enjoy the sunny and green landscapes, like the long rivers, fragrant sugar cane farms, and evergreen palm groves.

You have to be in Khuzestan to feel the warm feelings from its locals, taste the magnificent cuisines and learn about the valuable ancient heritages. Check out Uppersia tours in this sunny land, including Iran Untouched tourIran budget tour(15days) and Ahvaz day tours.

Palm groves of Khuzestan by the river.
Palm groves of Khuzestan.

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