Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 fantastic experiences you need to have in Iran.

Visiting Iran for the first time is something of an eye opener. You will see wonderful things in Iran that are so different from what you might have heard so far. This country is filled with varied landscapes, sounds, smells and cultures.

1 Discover Persian history in glorious cities

Cities of Iran are home to wonderful monuments remained from ancient emperors. The Achaemenid remains of Persepolis in Shiraz, dazzling mosques of Isfahan, ancient heritages of Khuzestan, unique adobe houses of Yazd and many more architectural heritages reveal you stories from ancient Persia.

The brick columns in Jaame mosque of Isfahan.
Jaame mosque of Isfahan

2 Enjoy the serenity of southern beaches

As a great winter destination, south of Iran is known for its stunning beaches, weird islands and golden sunshine. Qeshm and Hormoz Island of Hormozgan, Naybandand Siraf beaches in Bushehr, and the marvelous Chabahar seaport in Sistan o Baluchistan have the best beaches and landscapes in the south. The great thing is that these destinations are still untouched by many travelers and you can enjoy the relaxing landscapes and fun activities like surfing while there is no crowd.

Hormoz Island in south of Iran
Hormoz Island

3 Wander through the magical deserts

You might have heard about the wonderful deserts of Iran but you won’t feel its absolute magic until you bare your foot, walk on the soft sand dunes and see the vivid sky embracing the whole desert, laid in silence. Mesr, Maranjab and Farahzad deserts are located in central Iran and Lut Desert which has been recently registered as a UNESCO world heritage site is located in the east of Iran.

The sand rocks in the Lut Desert.
Lut Desert

4 Taste the new world of Iranian cuisines

Your trip won’t be completed without tasting Iranian cuisines. Iranian foods are known to be so tasty, fragrant and diverse. In every bite of Iranian Kebabs or stews you take, you will discover a new aroma of the herbs and spices in the food.

Iranian food named Tahchin. (rice and chicken)
Iranian cuisine (Tahchin)

5 Feel Iranian culture in the bazaars

For many travelers, it is very important to get acquainted with the pop culture of the new destination they have traveled to, especially in an unknown and misunderstood destination like Iran. Besides offering fabulous architecture, local souvenirs and colorful handicrafts, bazaars of Iran, like Tabriz Bazaar and Kerman Bazaar show you the real and unchanged Iranian lifestyle.

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People walking in Bazar Vakil of Shiraz.
Vakil Bazar

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