Thursday, February 9, 2017

The colors and aromas in the bazaar of Kerman.

Kerman is the land of wonders! In terms of geography, by only one hour driving from high peaks covered in snow,  you will reach the hottest spot on earth located in the beautiful Lut deserts and regarding cultural aspects, this city is home to many Zoroastrians, historical monuments and also many literates and cultural characters.

People in Kerman historical Kerman Bazaar.
Bazaar of Kerman.

Known as the longest bazaar of Iran completed during centuries, bazaar of Kerman is one of the best places for wandering in the heart of Iranian history, pop culture and traditions. Believe me, this beautiful Bazaar is a place where you will feel at home from wherever the world you are.

Bazaar of Kerman, also called “Ganj Ali Khan” Bazaar has 60 percent of the historical monuments of Kerman in itself, including Ganj Ali Khan Bath with its magnificent tile works and paintings, Ganj Ali Khan Caravanserai and the glorious Vakil bath which has been changed into a lovely teahouse.

Locals walking through the Bazaar of Kerman. Iran
Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar in Kerman.
Today, bazaar of Kerman is still an alive and noisy bazaar with many nostalgic images and smells. The rhythmic sound of hammers on copper pots and dishes, the warm and pleasant smell of Iranian spices and herbs and the welcoming smiles of the locals are what make this bazaar, bazaar of nice traditions and hospitality.

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Attari shops in bazaar of Kerman.

Old wall paintings in Ganj Ali Khan Bath of Kerman.
Wall paintings of Ganj Ali Khan Bath in Kerman.

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