Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy International Tourist Guide Day!

February 21st is International Tourist Guide Day. A tourist guide is an important member of the tourism industry who plays a key role in how a tour is operated.

As an initiative of WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Association), International Tourist Guide Day is held every year since 1990 when only 15 countries participated. Today an ever growing number of countries are celebrating this day every year, whether locally or internationally. Besides the educational events and celebrations held for the tourist guides on this day, some solutions are also presented regarding operating tours for disabled persons, disadvantaged persons, children and etc., so that anyone in the world can enjoy traveling.

Uppersia team congratulates all the tourist guides from all over the world on this day and wishes every person on earth to have a life full of travel and adventure.

Tourist gudie and the travelers in Iran.
Tours of Iran.

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