Thursday, February 2, 2017

Do not leave Iran without tasting these two sweets!

Besides different cuisines and dishes, each city in Iran has its own desserts and sweets which are in complete harmony with the climate and the herbs of that area. You might not have enough time for tasting all Iranian sweets but I believe that you shouldn’t leave Iran before having Gaz and Sohan, which are the two tasty sweets of Isfahan:


Made with the sap of Angabin, which is a herb only found around Isfahan, Gaz is the most popular sweet in this city. The Angabin sap is added with rosewater, egg whites, pistachios and almond. Certainly, the higher the percent of pistachio and almond, the more delicious the Gaz! Pieces of Gaz are placed in a box of white flour and it is a real pleasure to hunt the pieces of  delicious Gaz!

Gaz, a delicious sweet of Isfahan, Iran.
Gaz, the delicious sweet of Isfahan.


Sohan is made with wheat sprout, eggs, rosewater, sugar, butter cardamom and topped with pistachio. Sohan has a pleasant buttery and crunchy texture that makes it very hard to resist!

Both Sohan and Gaz are usually served with a well brewed Persian tea in warm Iranian gatherings and parties.

Sohan, a delicious sweet of Isfahan, Iran.
Sohan, the delicious sweet of Isfahan.

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