Monday, February 6, 2017

Persian caravanserai of Anarak

Dating back to Qajar dynasty, Anarak caravanserai is restored and changed into a beautiful and unique accommodation in recent years. Anarak is a historical city located in Nain county of Isfahan province, at the edge of the dazzling Dasht- e Kavir. The antiquity of Anarak goes back to Sassanid era and remains of a brick wall, old mosques, towers and arcs are still available in the old district of the city.

Anarak caravanserai.

Like most of Persian caravanserais, Anarak caravanserai is built with a square walled exterior and has 23 rooms suitable for 2 or 3 people. The energy required in the caravanserai is provided by the sunlight. The historical city of Anarak and this wonderful caravanserai is a popular hangout for photographers, painters, adventurers and the people who are amazed by the deep silence and the mad beauty of deserts in Iran.

Traveling to Anarak is all about spending the whole day wandering through the sand dunes of desert, photographing its beauties and exploring the remains of old monuments showing the exclusive architectural style in deserts of Iran and then spending the night gazing at the starry sky and taking a rest in cozy rooms of the caravanserai, while you are far away from all the chaos of big cities.

Persian caravanserai tour is one of the most popular tours of Uppersia including long walk through the desert, visiting historical villages, and spending nights in old caravanserais like Anarak, all telling you stories of how adventurous and interesting the travels through the deserts were in ancient times.

Anarak caravanserai.

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