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6 amazing castles you must visit in Iran.

There are more than hundreds of ancient castles in Iran, especially in desert lands and central cities. They are built during different centuries and dynasties usually for military purposes. Here is a guide to some of the most amazing castles of Iran in different cities:

1 Alamut castle:

This mountain castle is located in the heart of Alborz Mountains around Qazvin and is known to be seized by Hasan Sabbah the leader of Assassins group. This glorious castle made of stones and mortars is constructed on the top of a rock which is 2163 meters high above the sea level and there are deep abysses around the Alamut castle. But the beauty of this strong and ancient castle and the breathtaking landscapes makes it worthy to climb the mountain up to Alamut.

Alamut castle located on the heights.
Alamut Castle

2 Narin Ghal'e:

Narin Ghal'e (the orange castle) is a valuable heritage from Sassanid era. This mud-brick castle is located in the historical city of Meybod in Yazd province and shows the perfect ancient Iranian architecture. According to evidence, some underground paths had been embedded for this fort.

the mud brick castle and tower.
Narin Ghal'e

3 Falak ol Aflak Castle:

Falak ol Aflak castle, in Khoram Abad city in the west of Iran is also known as the 12 tower castle, which is believed to be related to the 12 astrological signs! This giant fort is about 5300 square meters in area and the whole castle is constructed with adobes, bricks and mortar.

Falak ol Aflak castle and its high towers.
Falak ol Aflak Castle

4 Arg e Karim Khan:

The beautiful Karim khan Castle is placed in downtown Shiraz, where other historical monuments of Zandiyeh dynasty are also located. This castle is surrounded by four towers which are ornamented with stunning geometrical brickworks. There is a beautiful bitter orange garden inside the castle.

The brickwork ornaments on the tower of Karim Khan castle.
Arg e Karim Khan

5 Rudkhan castle:

Rudkhan is one of the most beautiful castles of Iran located in the middle of forests in Fuman city of Gilan province. Dating back to Seljuk dynasty, this castle has been never occupied by the enemies. For reaching this mysterious fort, a wonderful path through the forest and 1000 stairs should be passed.

Rudkhan Castle located in the forests.
Rud khan castle

6 Portuguese castle:

This castle was constructed on Qeshm Island in 1507 A.C., commanded by a Portuguese sailor who occupied this Island and some other islands of Persian Gulf. As a popular attraction in the south of Iran, the Portuguese Castle is constructed by reddish stones and has different parts, including barracks, a big water cistern, prison, church and halls.

The stone made Portuguese castle of Qeshm located by the sea.
Portuguese Castle

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