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The ultimate Isfahan bucket list.

Welcome to Isfahan, the city of turquoise tiles and ancient secrets. Being home to mesmerizing historic monuments built in Safavid dynasty, the beautiful city of Isfahan is introduced as the most touristic city of Iran. This charm is not something new. Since 400 years ago when Shah Abbas the Safavid king who was interested in art, chose Isfahan as the capital of Iran and changed it into a piece of heaven by building glorious palaces, mosques and gardens, this city hosted many travelers, art lovers and historians. Here is the list of my own favorite attractions and things to do in the lovely city of Isfahan:

Jaame mosque of Isfahan

According to Iranian architects and historians, Jaame mosque of Isfahan is the alive university of Persian-Islamic architecture. This UNESCO world heritage site is the result of continual constructions since 771 to the end of 20th century. Exploring Jaame mosque of Isfahan is like traveling to different times of old Persia.

Two of the porches of Isfahan Jaame mosque.
Jaame mosque of Isfahan.

Vank Cathedral

Being constructed during the kingdom of Shah Abbas II in the Armenian Jolfa district, Vank cathedral is one of the most interesting attractions of Isfahan. The colorful paintings on the walls and ceiling of the cathedral, the museum of the cathedral full of antique handwritten documents, old textiles and clothes and 16th-century paintings about the crucifixion of Jesus amuses me for hours.

The paintings about the crucifixion of Jesus on the walls of Vank cathedral in Isfahan.
Vank Cathedral in Isfahan.

Sheikh Lotfollah mosque

Although the wonderful Naqsh Jahan square is a world heritage site, Sheikh lotfollah, this unique mosque located in the square has its own special place in my heart. The corridor leading to the main hall of the mosque is ornamented with intricate floral and arabesque motifs. Reaching to the main hall, every visitor will be speechless for a moment. It is hard to believe that the motifs and ornaments are done by humans. Sit in the middle of the hall, look up and enjoy the maze of motifs spinning under the marvelous ceiling of Sheikh Lotfollah mosque.

The stunning tile works under the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan.
Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan.
Handicrafs of Isfahan

Isfahan has been recently chosen as the Capital of handicrafts in the world. The old Bazar of Isfahan, located around the Naqsh e Jahan Square is the endless world of handicraft masterpieces done by local masters of Isfahan. Ghalam Zani (the art of making copper crafts by a hammer), Firouzeh Kubi (the art of placing turquoise stones on metal objects) and Ghalam kar (stamping Persian motifs on textiles) are some of the handicrafts exclusively done in Isfahan.

Iranian motifs on Ghalam Kar textiles.
Ghalm Kar textiles of Isfahan.

Doogh and Gooshfil

Tasting new food is for sure one of the most pleasant parts of traveling in new destinations. Doogh and Gooshfil of Isfahan is one of the most exciting snacks you can taste in Iran. Doogh is a Persian beverage made of sour and salty yogurt and Gooshfil is a traditional dessert tasting like honey. It might seem to be a weird mixture but Doogh and Gooshfil have done well together!

Doogh and Gooshfil a popular snack in Isfahan.
Doogh and Gooshfil in Isfahan.


Beryuni is the famous classic dish of Isfahan. This is the mixture of ground lamb, onions and peppers. The best place for ordering Beryuni is the small restaurants in the Bazar, where you can sit and enjoy your tasty meal with the locals. In most of Uppersia tours, like Iran Salam trip, Iran Silk Road tour, and Iran photography tour you will spend 2 or 3 days in the glorious city of Isfahan and touch the Persian beauties of this city.

Beryuni a traditional dish of Isfahan made with ground lamb.
Beryuni In Isfahan.

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