Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meet Bakhtiari nomads with Uppersia, this spring.

There are still about 1,300,000 Bakhtiari nomads in Iran who choose to keep their own lifestyle and put their black tents and utensils on horses and migrate through the plains and mountains twice a year. This primitive and natural lifestyle with all its hardships is something that many of the travelers and adventurers wish to experience while they are in Iran.

The forever travelers of Bakhtiari, divided into different tribes and clans, inhabit a vast area in the southwest of Iran, between Kohgiluyeh o Boyer-Ahmad, Khuzestan, Isfahan and Lorestan provinces. These areas with plenty of water resources, green plains and very fertile soil have been home to this race for thousands of years. Bakhtiari nomads can be introduced as the first people who have lived in Iran. Every symbol and tradition in their society roots back to thousands of years ago when their ancestors lived and wandered in the same land.

A bakhtiari man grzing his herd.
A bakhtiai man grazing his herd.

Their life is connected with their herd. They spend most of their time on wandering their flock and in return, it provides them dairy, meat and soft wool for making those magnificent carpets. The colorful rugs and kilims done by Bakhtiari women are known as one of the most beautiful and high-quality types of carpets in Iran and the local Bakhtiari music which is the combination of a rich music played with local instruments and meaningful poems usually composed by the women of the tribe is sang both in their very happy wedding ceremonies and lamentations.

Bakhtiari black tent on the plains.
Bakhtiari nomads

Like every year, Uppersia is going to operate fabulous nomad tours this spring. This unique tour includes meeting Shahsevan, Bakhtiari and Qashqai nomads and living just like a nomad for some days. Learning how to make bread, weaving nomadic Persian carpets, tasting healthy cuisines cooked on the fire and sleeping in black tents are some of the memorable things you will experience in this tour.

A colorful Bakhtiari rug with floral motifs.
Bakhtiari rug.

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