Sunday, February 5, 2017

The heaven on Qashqai Rugs.

As a person who is interested in carpets and handicrafts, while gazing at the coherent composition and the mad colors of a Qashqai rug, I ask myself what is this masterpiece if  not a piece of abstract art?

A colorful Qashqai rug.

With thousand years of cultural background and amazing rituals and traditions, the Turk nomads of Qashqai tribes wander between the vast and sunny plains of Fars and carry along the culture lovers and adventurers along. 

These magnificent rugs, known as a UNESCO world intangible heritage, are woven by Qashqai women. They shear their sheep, dye the soft wool with natural herbs in large pots, professionally spin the dyed wool and start weaving the carpet or better to say crafting the imaginary stories they keep in heart and mind. Qashqai carpets have different layouts including “Yek Sar Nazem”, “Maahi dar ham”, “Moharamat”, "Se Toranj" and etc. Looking at a piece of Qashqai rug with warm colors and floral and abstractive motifs is like wandering through a magical garden which is only touchable in a beautiful dream.

A piece of Qashqai rug with floral motifs.
Qashqai rug/ "Moharamat".
A piece of Qashqai rug with geometrical margins.
Qashqai rug/ "Se Toranj".
Spending a night in a Qashqai tent, listening to their magical music and enjoying their beautiful rugs and handicrafts is an experience that won’t be forgotten for a lifetime. Nomad tour of Uppersia in the first half of year is from May to October when the weather is so pleasant for camping between hospitable nomads of Iran.

A qashqai woman herding the frock in the on the plains in Fars province, Iran.
Qashqai woman herding her flock.


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